Saturday, February 12, 2011

she's ALIVE!

yes, yes, yes...I know, I know...but the important thing is, I'm here, I'm back - and now that we are 'post wedding', I have a good chunk of 'free' time back! NOT!

I have recovered my password to this bloggity blog (it'd been so long since I had been on here, I...uhhh, uuhhmm, well, I forgot what it was!!!) snickering! I could have won the 'most chaotic life' award for the past 6-8 months! But that is something I do not want to boast about!

I thought I would do a 'brief' run thru of my life since my last post - feel free to skim on past that part - but I have just enough OCD in me to not allow me to sleep unless I go thru each event!

After my last post in JUNE, we went on an INCREDIBLE vacation with my husbands family to Tennessee - LOVED IT! All 21 plus of us stayed in my sister in laws house for one week - and went on a different adventure each day! And since I did not have the strength to illustrate a BOOK, as I did the year before during our trip to Florida, I took a spin on a Six Flags map - an overview, if you will, of the week! (and p.s. - 21 plus awesome people in a house for a week is the bomb! I promise!)

Next stop on the Taylor trail was getting our middle daughter off to college...which didn't seem TOO heart wrenching at first....until we spent a few days in the house without her...eek! We are now into her second semester, 2 hours away, and thankfully able to see her every weekend...and it's STILL hard to see her go each Monday morning!

We also got our youngest daughter into middle school, a different campus, a clarinet for BAND, and all of a sudden, looking 15!

Our next big event was having the privilege to be the cake lady for two of my sweet friends - both were amazing weddings that were not only a blast to work with, but a blast to attend!!! Thank you Tittle and Kent families!!

Our next endeavor was our own daughter's wedding...something I'm not sure you could ever be TOO prepared for. Doing other people's weddings is one entirely different thing! But something about your OWN daughter, well, there's just something numbing about the whole least for me...maybe my emotions were so off the scale, because I had never ever experienced anything like it! Surreal is putting it mildly! We did have a beautiful ceremony on a beautiful fall day, a beautiful bride, with her beautiful sisters as her bridesmaids at the most beautiful location of Elmwood Gardens in Palestine, Tx. I could go on and on, literally!

We have survived our daughters amazing, amazing wedding AND we have the best son in law we could have ever asked for...God is so good- and always gives us more than we could have ever asked or imagined!  But now our house is VERY quiet - 2 daughters gone in 3 months....sigh....

January brought an incredible opportunity to us as leaders of our College Ministry at our church....we were able to chapperone a bus load of college kids to the Passion Conference in Atlanta, Georgia - 22,000 college kids there with a passion to make Jesus famous!  Our time there definitely deserves it's own blog - - - such an incredible experience - our God is BIG, our God is alive and He's still moving mightily!

January also brought a new venture that is on the'll just have to stay tuned for THIS one! :)
But, here's an illustrated hint below!
Stay tuned.....