About Me

...the crumbs! 

I've been very blessed to have been born and raised by a Proverbs 31 mother! She was truly a Martha Stewart and then some! She was a seamstress, an amazing cook, decorator and craftperson. During my early married life, I had the privilege of working with her when she owned a tea room and taught folk art painting classes....I was able to learn many of her secrets! I also get all of my 'stirring' skills from my dad....(who is a great cook as well! I was also influenced by Public Television.......I would faithfully watch Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, Jeff Smith, Natalie Dupree and even Justin Wilson...they played a HUGE part in showing a more 'professional' or 'advanced' way of cooking - especially for me as a young wife and mother...way before the days of Food Network and HGTV for sure!!! I have enjoyed cooking and baking since my early married life began and I enjoy preparing for large crowds as well. I began 'Crumbs' about 8 years ago by doing sugar cookies, cookie cakes, pies, cheesecakes and cinnamon rolls...then came the cakes!

...the crayons! 

I have always had a passion for doodling and illustration...even majoring in Commercial Art in college where I met my husband! At that time in the mid 1980's, being an artist meant big city life...something my fiance and I weren't ready for. The artist in me took on many forms thru the years, but became 'official' in fall of 2009 with the introduction of our website. On a family trip to Florida (summer 2009) for our summer vacation, I was encouraged to create an illustrated book (instead of photos) of each days events. It was spawned from my music minister boss saying that "Instead of photos, you should just let each family member 'draw' a picture for the day"...."BECAUSE AFTER ALL, ALL YOU NEED IS A BIG CHIEF TABLET AND A BOX OF CRAYONS!"........and soooo, 'CRUMBS' became 'CRUMBS AND CRAYONS.' God has been so incredibly gracious to have given me and my family such gifts and talents! It is not only therapeutic, but incredibly fun!

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