Monday, March 21, 2011

meatloaf monday

I know to some of you, the word 'meatloaf' kind of makes you say blek - as it did for me growing up - even now, it's not my most favorite 'meal' out there...yet, it is such a comfort food - and once it's on the table, I DO enjoy it...and my husband really LOVES it, so there!

On this sort of Mundane Monday, and the first full day of spring, the first back to reality day after a glorious spring break week...well, this day just cried out 'easy meal night'!  A simple meal maybe, but flavor-less, no way.  There's just something about spreading that traditional catsup on top of that meatloaf, cracking fresh black pepper on top and then covering with fresh slices of bell I put it into the oven, my mind says, 'aww that's just like mom used to make it' - maybe THAT'S the comfort part.  Then there's the what goes INTO meatloaf...THAT is the REAL mystery...sort of like tuna salad! Some things I just can't trust unless I have personally made them...please tell me I am not the only one that does this?!?!!
In our family, meatloaf has traditionally never had the exact same ingredients each time, but they've all come from a master list of ingredients that always stayed the same.  What is chosen from that master list just depends on what is in the pantry at any given time. 

Our master list always consisted of:
eggs (sometimes one, sometimes two)
diced onions
garlic (chopped and powder)
raw oatmeal
crackers (saltines or ritz)
dry onion soup mix
sliced bell peppers
Then, on any given evening that meatloaf is to be made - we choose any variety of these ingredients to add to a pound or so of ground beef...but we always, I mean always, spread catsup on top...even if we don't lay cute little bell pepper slices on top...the catsup is a must!
How do you like YOUR meatloaf???


  1. Sounds like we cook a lot alike. Jason hates it when I make a meal that he loves, then the next time he asks for it, it's slightly different. I like to keep him on his toes :) Whatever I have on hand is what goes in. He doesn't like veggies, so I use onion powder. I also add mustard & brown sugar to my ketchup topping. How fun would it be to start a cooking club at the church? (not like I could possibly attend at this season in my life, but I sure would love it!)

  2. Eggs, minced onion, garlic, crackers, some ketchup in it as well as on it. I guess you can tell the brand I use by the way I spell it!!

  3. love this post. my family just loves meatloaf, almost adores meatloaf, me....ehhh, not so much! maybe it is because i know exactly what i put in it! so true it is never the same, depends mostly on my mood, but appears to be the same because it is covered in that sweet red magic sauce.

    yep.meatloaf=cpmfort at our house too.
    for unknown reasons i have been known to enjoy a meatloaf sandwich! maybe meatloaf is better the next day?