Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the birthday blur

birthdays, baking, blogging, bovines and boars!
not sure which swine visited here...but it hit our youngest daughter the day after my sweet husband's 45th birthday...we just happened to be out on a double date (photo coming soon) 'eat seared cow flesh'...I believe were james' exact words...we happened to make a grocery store stop on the way home and loaded up on some glad we did because the little piglet left rudy with fever, nausea, sore throat, headache, cough and exhaustion. guess you could shake those symptoms up in a bag 10 times and come up with a different 'flu' each time. she was such a good little patient though and stayed very hydrated! the poor child began eating saltines (a total of 3 stacks to be exact), then she graduated to toast (more than half a loaf of bread I'm sure), and now is wanting sour and non sour gummy worms (I believe at last count this evening the total was 4 bags)!!! I believe she's on the mend...but the tiredness just lingers on.....

throw into the past weekend, a failed attempt to chaperone my daughter and others competing from her school to the all-region tryouts an hour away...I was able to make it there at a later time....just in time to catch up on the days happenings and to hear the results!!!...(announced one at a time, by voice part, in a cafeteria full of anxious kids that had been at this school for at least 9 or 10 hours----on a saturday!) but all of shelby's hard work paid off...she made 2nd chair for the all-region choir (concert will be in november)...her hard work is not over though...making the choir qualifies her to go to the next level----pre/area...if she makes that, she will qualify for area...if she makes area, she's made one of the all-state choirs! I hope she stays confident and relaxed and just continues to work hard (p.s.- she made the all-state choir last year!)...and our oldest daughter melody made it to area last year as well...which leads me to another birthday! melody's 19th birthday has officially begun! let the parades and parties begin!!!!! I'm thinking we'll probably be enjoying her favorite bday meal for dinner.......roast with potatoes and carrots cooked 'with it'....and who knows what dessert will be....we'll let that be a surprise!
squeezed into all of this was a monthly bday celebration at my mother-in-laws...for paw paw's 70th, james' 45th, and melody's 19th...(was michael included in that too? hmm) 'all-region' travelers barely made it...but after all, we were bringing the cake-if not, everyone would have left! :) there was a house FULL of mimi's offspring...and mimi had cooked so much incredible food it was insane!

around here, there's 'spring' cleaning going on and a painted floor treatment about to commence as well (no more carpet! yay! boo to berber! boo!) oh, and then there's our payin' jobs too...just not enough hours in the day! (now I REALLY sound old!)...goodnite!

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  1. birthday blessings all around!!
    I hope all 3 of your beautiful daughters are well....they are all 3 beautiful!