Tuesday, September 15, 2009


we seem to have had a bit of rain relief today...but I must say a few days in a row of it has been nice! it seems to make us slow down and rest ---which we never seem to do in this fast paced merry-go-round of a life. (but, to see the sun and a bit of blue sky today was a real treat as well!)

I should apologize to some who might see this and may have had it up to their eyeballs in seeing crayon drawings of our daily life...(I should have posted those when I first began this blog)....but life is crazy sometimes...and things get a big mixed up~

so, time to run for now...revved up tomato soup & grilled cheese sandwiches to consume, homework help, a bit of laundry AND I should see what 'the haydenator' has been up to today...ta ta!
a drawing I did yesterday on my day 'off' :D

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  1. I am lovin' that clean kitchen...a rare sight indeed!!!