Saturday, April 10, 2010

where does the time go...

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...the fall flew by, the wet winter went on and on...I wonder what spring will behold?!! These past few months have been seriously crazy...we have a daughter getting married this fall, another graduating next month and yet another on the verge of entering the dreaded middle school! Yet in all of this craziness, God still gives us precious family time may not include a trip to the beach this year, but roasting marshmallows in the fireplace (which we did many times during the winter months), enjoying Sunday lunch together or a little campin' trip always hits the right spot! Below, you will see just a small tidbit of a visual diary from our past 5 months....and the reason that I have not blogged! These past few months have been spent laying some ground work for Crumbs and Crayons, getting the website going (, and filling illustration and bakery orders! We are so excited to see where God leads us!

illustration for a great realtor!!!

this illustration was made into invitations for a lingerie shower for twins!

valentine cards

we actually had several rounds of snow this winter...very rare for east texas!

our 2009 christmas we each do our own 'thing'

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  1. aww, shucks! thanks for listing "the glob" as one of your favorite blogs! you are pretty hot stuff yourself!