Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I love Mondays

Yes, it's true...I DO love Mondays. Of course it might have SOMETHING to do with the fact that I'm OFF on Mondays from my full time job (that I also happen to love).
Mondays for me however mean that I get to work on crumbs & crayons stuff- drawing, baking, etc! It also means college bible study time...at our house, so I spend the day tidying up the house and making a few treats for the college kids to snack on. I am so thankful for our pastor and our music minister (my boss) that faithfully lead the study and also for the college kids that faithfully come each week !!! What a great time we have and is another reason to love Mondays!

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  1. So Charlotte...I knew you were a great cook, but you've kept your artistic talent a secret from a lot of us!! I decided to see if I could find any other FBCLC folks with blogs by getting nosy in mzzterry's bloglist...and here you are!! and Melody's getting married? Wow-wee your life is full, isn't it? Come visit my blog...I'm real new, but I'm enjoying it.
    Love to all, Angela