Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ohhhh...what to write about...

There are SO many things that tug on me these days...good things...yet at almost 45 years old, I STILL have not conquered that slippery word....BALANCE! My brain just isn't big enough to sort out all of the thoughts that pass through it on a daily basis...much less try to gather enough sanity to write a great thought provoking blog. I even stumbled upon another blog I like and took several excerpts out of her blog for this....(yes, sad isn't it?!)......yet inspiring me to make it my own.......so many things beg for my brain space, like: our daughters upcoming wedding, work, kids, my husband, my husbands work, my stumbling walk with my Heavenly Father, my church, my family as a whole....using my gifts and talents to honor Him, illustration thoughts and cake design thoughts....how much I miss my mom......wishing I could squeeze in lunch with a friend, my girls or even my own sister - just to catch up......reminding myself to pray for friends who have asked for it and not getting so wrapped up in my own life that I don't see the needs of others......wanting people to think I'm funny, wanting my husband to think I'm pretty and not wanting him to think anyone else is pretty.....praying for couples who are going through hard times, and knowing how important it is to 'be still and know that I Am God'.........wondering how on earth to keep a clean house with three kids and a job...AND have clean laundry.....but realize there's alot of single moms out there that do more.....dealing with how I need to be kinder and more thoughtful and encouraging to my husband, and how I miss my mom...how badly I need to exercise and how I need to be content with who God made me.....wondering how I can spend quality time with EACH of our kids and how to love them better...loving my friends more....how badly I want that new kitchen aid mixer or that cute pair of shoes, but reminding myself I have more shoes than I need and that I can't take them to heaven with me.......instilling in our children the command to love others before ourselves...teaching our kids that the most important thing in life is to have an ongoing, growing relationship with Jesus Christ.....sending a middle daughter three hours away to a university...and what that will be like.......guiding our youngest thru the 'wonder' years of middle school....gaining a son and losing a daughter....wishing I could talk to my mom about that........and oh, did I mention that these people in my life have to eat a meal every now and then?!

This is why my head hurts at night.

These are some of the things I may blog about.....at some point....as they are what's ALWAYS on my mind.......finding comfort in Ecclesiastes 3....

Keep checking back... :)

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